Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The HEAP Program usually opens the first week in November of each year and continues through the heating season.

If your gross monthly income is at or below the income guidelines listed below, you may be eligible to receive help with your heating costs. If you are 60 years of age, and think you may be eligible, you may call 518-266-7960 after November 1st to obtain more information.

  • Eligible households may receive only one regular HEAP benefit each season.
  • Eligible households may also receive an emergency benefit.
  • Additional benefits for emergency situations may be available, depending on the household's circumstances.

Regular Benefits

  • Renter's Benefit: HEAP Eligible renters with heat included in their rent may receive a standard renter's benefit, which will be paid directly to the household.
  • Heater's Benefit: HEAP Eligible homeowners or renters who pay for heat directly to a vendor separately from the rent may receive a heater's benefit. This must be paid to the fuel vendor.

Ineligible Living Situations

Residents in the following living situations cannot receive HEAP:

  • Homeless
  • Includes Section 8 and other rent subsidies based on the tenant's income
  • Institution
  • Public/subsidized housing with heat included in rent
  • Residing in a Congregate care facility
  • Roomers/borders in private residences
  • Temporary Hotel/Motels