County Attorney

As chief legal advisor, the County Attorney represents the County and its officers and employees in all civil matters. This includes the:

  • County Executive
  • County Sheriff
  • District Attorney
  • County Clerk
  • County:
    • Boards (such as the Ethics Board)
    • Bureaus (including the Bureau of Budget, Bureau of Central Services, Bureau of Economic Development and Planning, and Bureau of Finance)
    • Departments (such as, notably, the Department of Social Services)
    • Committees (including the Insurance Review Committee and the Corporate Compliance Committee)

In addition to serving as a member of the Deferred Compensation Committee, the County Attorney oversees, manages, and leads the attorneys and professional staff in the Office of the County Attorney to provide a diverse range of legal counsel for the County and its officers and employees in general and transactional, legislative, litigation and dispute resolution, and family and social service related matters.