Rensselaer County Vacant Property

Welcome to the Rensselaer County Vacant Properties Registry

                     Rensselaer County recognizes the value placed in our homes and neighborhoods. A vacant and decaying building or property can hurt our communities, and County Executive Steve McLaughlin has launched an initiative to more closely track properties in the county.

                      You can help in this effort. If you see a property that is vacant, possibly abandoned or overly neglected, please notify us via the resources below. You can track the progress of your information on this site. 

                       Thank you for your help in protecting quality of life and value across our great county. Working together, we can keep our communities safe, attractive and prospering.


Ways to report a vacant property:

What happens next?

Once a vacant property report is submitted and received by our coordinator. We will contact you and start the revitalization process.