Rensselaer County to Provide Two Dedicated Test Days for College Students

Rensselaer County will be providing two days later this month to allow college students who are county residents to be tested for COVID-19, County Executive Steve McLaughlin and members of the County Legislature announced.

College students who are county residents and returning to school this fall can be tested on Friday, August 14 and Friday, August 21 at the county-run site in the parking lot of the Van Rensselaer Manor. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both days.

“We understand a number of colleges and universities are requiring students to be tested for COVID-19 before returning this fall. We want to provide an opportunity for students who are residents of the county to be tested before returning this fall,” said McLaughlin.

“Our county is working to provide access for testing for those in need of tests. To date, we have allocated considerable resources for testing of our residents and to help beat back COVID-19,” said Chair of the Legislature Mike Stammel.

Students must demonstrate proof of residency, valid six months before testing, at the site. There is no fee for testing. Appointments are needed by students to be tested on August 14 and August 21.

Rensselaer County has paid for testing for residents since May. To date, over 30,000 tests have been administered. The dedicated testing for college students is the latest testing effort supported by the county.

Testing is done by the IMA Group, and appointments can be made by calling IMA at 800-245-4245. IMA has been working with the county since the spring to provide testing.

“We hope this is a help for students and parents in the county getting ready to head back to college for the fall. We understand there are a lot of uncertainties faced by our college students as we deal with a fast-changing situation,” said Vice Chairwoman Kelly Hoffman.

“Rensselaer County is proud that we have provided over 32,000 tests in county. We recognize testing as our guide to a careful and successful reopening and have made a strong commitment,” said McLaughlin.

Along with IMA, those needing testing can also use a state-operated site at the University at Albany. To make an appointment at the UAlbany site, call 888-364-3065.