“Based on the details of investigation by the Attorney General, it must be concluded that Governor Cuomo is no longer able to lead our state during this critical period and must resign immediately. The findings of the report should also be reviewed by law enforcement,” Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin.

“I have long doubted the Governor’s ability to fairly and capably carry out the duties of the position, and called for his resignation during the Percoco investigation and the initial reports of the sexual harassment allegations. This report into his shocking conduct further shows he is not able to continue as our top state official.”

“Our state has been facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and for months, we have seen decision after decision made by the Governor to distract and divert from his political crisis. It is now time for responsible and reasoned leadership to guide us to a recovery.”

“I thank the women who bravely came forward and hopefully, brought an end to a culture of abuse and arrogance in the Governor’s office,” County Executive Steve McLaughlin.