Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin welcomed news that New York is abandoning a mask mandate for children, after calls for weeks from parents and elected officials across the state.

McLaughlin was one of those asking the state to return to a common-sense policy for masks following a significant drop in new COVID-19 cases. McLaughlin is one of those scheduled to speak Saturday that had originally been called to end the mask mandate.

“Sadly, in New York State, we have to fight and fight for any measure of common-sense from our state government. The latest example of that came today, with the state finally agreeing to no longer require masks for children at school or at camp,” said McLaughlin.

“The state’s move today finally answers the many calls from parents for the state to follow the science and data,” added McLaughlin.

“My office has received hundreds of calls from parents asking for an end to the mask mandate. It is unfair that parents have not received more timely consideration during this process,” said McLaughlin.

The state is seeking approval from the CDC to end the mask mandate for children, which the CDC is expected to grant.

“Congratulations to parents and advocates who fought for our children and to follow the science. Their voices have been heard and they truly made a difference,” said McLaughlin.

“I trust that our schools and camps will do the right thing and that children will be able to fully enjoy the summer with friends and family,” said McLaughlin.