State Reopening Plan Does Not Include Rensselaer County: Three regions of the state will be allowed to reopen by the Governor, but Rensselaer County’s region is not included, County Executive Steve McLaughlin announced

McLaughlin said he is disappointed the state did not allow the Capital Region, which includes Rensselaer County, to reopen for May 15.

McLaughlin said he believes a measured reopening is possible in the county and the region. He said elected officials within the region agree with that approach, based on his conversations.

“I believe we can carefully reopen in the county, keeping some of the social distancing and crowd reduction strategies, while returning some of the services and functions that provide quality of life,” said McLaughlin.

“We are concerned about protecting residents and also concerned about protecting economic viability and jobs in our county and region. A balanced approach can reduce the risk of exposure while supporting businesses and employers,” added McLaughlin.

One concern shared by members of the Capital Region counties is that the metrics set by the state cannot be met. Of the seven metrics set by the state, the Capital Region only meets five.

“We were not able to get an answer from state officials today on when we could expect to qualify to open. The concern about our inability to reopen seems to be shared by elected officials in all counties in the region, regardless of their political affiliation,” said McLaughlin.

“Our concern is that the metrics, as now set, do not seem to be reachable for our area and that a reopening is not definite,” added McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said he will also be having broader discussions with local elected and business leaders in the county to discuss the reopening and the county’s region not being included.