Last Friday, Members of Council 82 that serve as Corrections Officers in Rensselaer County ratified a
Collective Bargaining Agreement with the County that runs through 2023. The deal was overwhelmingly
approved by membership.

County Executive Steve McLaughlin stated that “The County is pleased that we came up with this multi-year
deal that both recognizes the contributions of our Corrections Officers while at the same time maintaining our
fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers. I applaud the Corrections Officers on this new contract and thank them
for the vital role they play in our County’s public protection component.”

Rensselaer County Sheriff Pat Russo said after the vote that the “The Sheriff’s Office is happy that we came to
this deal with our Corrections Officers who do the hard work of protecting our citizenry.” “I value every one of
these dedicated public servants and am so glad that we arrived at a speedy and fair contract.”

Bill Lebeau, Staff Director at Council 82 elaborated that “Our members are appreciative of the manner in which
this negotiation was handled by the County Executive and the Sheriff” “There willingness to dialogue and
work through issues exhibits the value that they place on our members and protecting the public.”

Specific terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement include the following wage increases:

2019: 1.5% will be added to the salary schedule effective once the Union ratifies the tentative deal, meaning the
increase is not retroactive.
2020: 1.5%
2021: 1.5%
2022: 1.75%
2023: 1.75%

In exchange for the wage increases, the County negotiated the right to move to a self-insurance model that does
not affect the employees coverage but allows the County to achieve savings through the administration of the