Rensselaer County Leaders Visit East Greenbush Wal-Mart

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin and County Health Director Mary Fran Wachunas visited the East Greenbush Wal-Mart on Wednesday to review the store and meet with store managers.

Both McLaughlin and Wachunas said the meeting was productive and useful. The visit follows other visits by county Health personnel since the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This was a positive meeting, and gave us a chance to see the store in operation and strengthen communication between the county and store,” said McLaughlin.

“The East Greenbush Wal-Mart is a major retail outlet in our county, and we are glad to see some important steps being taken by the store to safeguard public health. Rensselaer County takes public health very seriously and are fully engaged in the fight against COVID-19,” added McLaughlin.

At the Wal-Mart in East Greenbush, employees are wearing masks during their shifts. Employees are screened and temperatures taken before shifts start.

The store is also regularly cleaned, which was visible at the visit. Shopping carts are cleaned regularly. More registers have been opened, helping reduce congestion at the front of the store.

“Based on our visit, it appears store staff are working to keep the store cleaned, move customers through checkout efficiently and wipe commonly used areas. We also appreciate store managers being accessible and ready to have a detailed conversation about the store and efforts to keep the store clean,” said Wachunas.

County leaders said shoppers can help. Instead of an entire family visiting a store, a single family member can handle shopping chores. Shoppers can compile lists before visiting to make store visits more efficient. Shoppers can wear masks, and also reduce the number of visits each week.

“We plan on visiting other stores during the coming days to ensure residents are kept safe and that stores are able to effectively and cleanly operate during this challenging time,” said McLaughlin.