Rensselaer County Home-Delivered Meals Program Triples Deliveries During COVID-19 Outbreak

The Rensselaer County home-delivered meals program has grown significantly while helping seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The county home-delivered meals program has grown to over 1300 meals delivered each day, triple the amount delivered by the county before the outbreak.

“We are very proud to have expanded our support for seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak and help our seniors avoid possible exposure,” said McLaughlin.

The county had delivered 450 meals each day before the outbreak. After the COVID-19 outbreak occurred, McLaughlin ordered the county to offer meals to all seniors age 60 and older.

The meals are delivered each day by the Rensselaer County Department for the Aging. Volunteers have also helped along with police departments in the county and others.

“To triple the number of deliveries in just several weeks is a real accomplishment and credit goes to Commissioner Carol Rosbozom and her team at the Department for the Aging. We are very appreciative of all the help coming from across this county for this very important mission,” said McLaughlin.

Seniors are still welcome to enroll for the home-delivered meals. The meals are now delivered three times a week, with two meals for each day, except Sunday. To enroll, please call the Department for the Aging at 518-270-2730.

Those who want to volunteer for the home-delivered meals program can also call 518-270-2730 to serve.

The increase in the county home-delivered meals program follows the county reaching another milestone with the delivery of the 4 millionth home-delivered meal in the county.