Rensselaer County Now Reporting Case Clearance for COVID-19 Outbreak

While Rensselaer County is dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), there is good news to report. With 55 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date, the county Health Department is able to announce six of those cases are now cleared of coronavirus.

To be cleared from COVID-19, a patent with a confirmed case must be sympton-free for at least seven days since onset of illness, have no elevated body temperature for 72 hours, and have not taken medicine to reduce fever for 72 hours.

Additionally, the county Health Department is also able reduce the number of unconfirmed cases in quarantine from over 400 to 287.

“This is positive news and shows that several who were diagnosed with COVID-19 are now free of the disease and considered clear,” said County Executive Steve McLaughlin.

“At the same point, we are still dealing with a serious health issue and recognize we may not have reached the peak of the outbreak. Residents still need to stick with the safeguards put in place to deal with COVID-19 so we can beat this back,” added McLaughlin.

“Thanks to our Health and emergency services teams for their outstanding work to track this situation. They have been tireless and been great and compassionate defenders of our health and safety,” said McLaughlin.

To date, 1167 residents have been tested by medical providers.