Following Merger of Other Supermarkets, McLaughlin Invites Wegmans to Look at Rensselaer County and Region

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin is inviting western New York supermarket chain Wegmans to consider establishing stores in the county, following the merger of two major supermarket chains.

McLaughlin said the entry of Wegmans into the Rensselaer County and regional market can help encourage competition and service that benefit customers.

“We believe residents would benefit in terms of better prices, improved service and an attention to expanded product lines and food choices. More choice and competition is good for shoppers here,” said McLaughlin.

“We have heard that Wegmans has considered the Capital Region area for years and we are saying that Rensselaer County would be open to such a move. The merger announced today of Price Chopper and Tops seems to clear the way for a move by Wegmans to our area,” added McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said he will be sending a letter to Wegmans inviting the supermarket chain to consider the county and to meet with his administration.

“Rensselaer County has a healthy marketplace, with sales tax increasing. A store in certain areas of our county would potentially draw residents from different neighboring counties, and offer a strong market position,” said McLaughlin.

“We have worked to position our county for continued growth, with three consecutive budgets that lowered taxes, strong budgeting that resulted in a bond rating upgrade and improved services that include 50 miles of roads paved in 2020,” said McLaughlin.