Rensselaer County to Become Purple Heart County, with Resolution Filed by McLaughlin with Rensselaer County Legislature

Rensselaer County is set to become a Purple Heart county, with a resolution filed with the County Legislature by County Executive Steve McLaughlin for consideration in March.

A number of municipalities across the state have adopted resolutions as Purple Heart communities. The county is set to become the latest via a resolution to be considered at the March 10 legislative meeting.

The declaration as a Purple Heart county will help the county show respect to the veterans who have earned the medal, and to family members of veterans, noted McLaughlin.

“Rensselaer County is proud to recognize the enormous service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families and declaring us as a Purple Heart county is another way to pay tribute to those who defended our freedom,” said McLaughlin.

The Purple Heart recognition by the county will join other county efforts to recognize, serve and support veterans. The county operates the Veteran Service Agency, offers veteran property tax exemptions, and a monthly Honor a Deceased Veteran ceremony recognizes veterans who have passed, among other recognition.

Once the Purple Heart resolution is passed, the county will place signs and other recognition in the county government offices in Troy, McLaughlin and legislators noted. The Legislature established a special Hall of Heroes in the third-floor lobby of the County Office Building in downtown Troy several years ago.

“We are proud to support this resolution, just as we are proud to take every opportunity to recognize our veterans and their families. The Purple Heart is the oldest military medal in the country because it is one of the most important, and we are proud to join other municipalities in becoming a Purple Heart county,” said Chair of the Legislature Mike Stammel.

The Purple Heart was established by order of George Washington in 1782 and is the oldest medal still awarded to members of the military. The Purple Heart is earned by those wounded or killed during engagement with an enemy during military service.

“The Purple Heart is earned by those who gave a full measure of service, risking their lives and safety to defend our nation. This is an important medal and it is appropriate for our county to take steps to recognize that special service,” said Majority Leader Ken Herrington, who chairs the legislative Veterans Committee.