Following Arrest of Man Three Times in Single Day in Troy, McLaughlin Renews Call for Bail Reform Repeal

The arrest of a man three times in a single day in Troy, including for two separate assaults, again demonstrates the need for reform of state bail reform laws, County Executive Steve McLaughlin said today.

“We probably never thought we would see a day when a person could be arrested three times for three separate offenses in the same city in a single day. Sadly, we learned this week that day has most definitely arrived and we are all less safe because of it,” said McLaughlin.

“What occurred yesterday, here in Troy, will only happen again and again unless this law is repealed. I am calling on all responsible elected officials in Rensselaer County to join me in calling for repeal of bail reforms to avoid further attacks on residents and law enforcement,” added McLaughlin.

Troy Police arrested Scott Nolan three times on Tuesday, including for shoplifting, an attack on a man, and for hitting another person with a brick. Each time, Nolan was required to be released with an appearance ticket instead of being taken into custody.

After the second arrest, according to police accounts, Nolan told police he would “see them in 15 minutes”. A short time later, he allegedly hit a person in a wheelchair with a brick.

The three arrests and releases were publicly noted by Troy Police, who characterized the process as an unnecessary strain on police resources. Police noted that each time Nolan was arrested, they were required to print out his 50-page criminal history report.

“This is yet another clear demonstration that the bail reform laws endanger residents and law enforcement, and do not serve the cause of justice. Bail reform has been in place for less than two months, but within two days, the need for reform of the law was glaringly obvious,” said McLaughlin.

“Yesterday proved that this is not a political issue. Yesterday proved that repeal of bail reform is needed to restore law and order to our neighborhoods, to ensure residents have the protection they need and deserve and to guarantee police can do their very important job effectively,” he added.