Rensselaer County Completes Second Successful COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinic, McLaughlin Announces

County Again Delivers 100 Percent of Vaccines During Five Days of Second Clinic, But McLaughlin Says More Vaccines Are Needed Quickly

Rensselaer County again delivered 100 percent of vaccinations received by the county during a five-day clinic at Hudson Valley Community College last week, County Executive Steve McLaughlin.

The clinic is the second mass vaccination clinic operated by the county, and is the second clinic where the county successfully delivered 100 percent of vaccines received by the county. But McLaughlin said more vaccines are needed because so many more seniors and residents want to be vaccinated.

“This is great work by our county health team to get vaccines out to seniors in a timely, convenient and safe manner. We are very proud that we have again delivered every vaccine received by the county to our residents,” said McLaughlin.

“We have received many positive messages that the county vaccination operation was run smoothly and efficiently and greatly appreciate the support and kind works,” added McLaughlin.

“At the same time, the amount of vaccines is far below the current demand, especially from our seniors. The amount we have received is only a fraction of what is needed, and we need and want more quickly,” added McLaughlin.

The second vaccination clinic started January 27 and ran through January 31. The county was assigned 3200 vaccinations, with the state directing 300 for essential workers and 2900 for county seniors age 65 and older.

The first vaccination clinic held three days during the previous week delivered 1500 vaccines, with the state directing 300 for essential workers and 1200 for county seniors age 65 and older. McLaughlin thanked Public Health Director Mary Fran Wachunas, members of the Health Department and volunteers with the county’s Medical Reserve Corps.

“We are very proud to maintain a 100 percent delivery rate at a time when other regions are seeing a reduced rate of delivery. That shows great work by our health team to completely deliver 4700 vaccinations during these clinics,” said McLaughlin.

During the coming week, the county will be receiving 400 vaccines. The state has directed that 300 of the vaccines be distributed to essential workers and the remaining 100 to those living or working in group homes for those with special needs.

“We appreciate the new allocation of vaccines, but would really appreciate more vaccinations for our seniors. We have received many, many more request for vaccines from our seniors and want to resolve that requests as soon as possible,” said McLaughlin.