County and Capital Region Approved for Reopening: New York State on Tuesday approved the Capital Region, including Rensselaer County, for reopening at Phase One, County Executive Steve McLaughlin announced

The county and region start the first phase on Wednesday, meaning construction, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail limited to curbside pick-up or drop-off.

“We welcome this next chapter in the fight against COVID-19 and the start of a return to many of the services and pursuits that provide quality of life,” said McLaughlin.

“At the same time, Rensselaer County is committed to reopening carefully, and with an eye toward protecting our collective health and safety. To do that, we need the public and those in business to be responsible and use common-sense as we reopen,” added McLaughlin.

The region was moved toward reopening after McLaughlin and other officials found the state was using incorrect data to calculate hospitalizations in the reopening metric. When corrected, the region was poised for reopening. The reopening was announced today by the Governor.

“We are glad the state recognized the error, made corrections and our region is able to move forward,” said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said cooperation and compliance will be helpful in moving through the state-ordered phased reopening.

“Residents and businesses need to be invested in making this careful reopen work and help avoid any spikes in instances of COVID-19. Everyone’s patience and help will be appreciated,” said McLaughlin.