Rensselaer County is continuing efforts to ensure driver’s licenses are issued properly, today filing a motion to reargue a federal ruling made last week on the county’s objection to the state’s Green Light Law.

The motion to reargue was filed at approximately midday, following a ruling on Friday in U.S. District Court. The ruling Friday rejected the county’s challenge of the law but did not rule on the legality of the Green Light Law.

County Executive Steve McLaughlin and County Clerk Frank Merola have joined other elected officials on the state, county and local levels in questioning the constitutionality of the Green Light Law. The federal Department of Justice earlier this month challenged the constitutionality of the law.

The motion to reargue asks the federal judge to reconsider certain points that may have been missed during the initial consideration of the county’s lawsuit against the Green Light Law.

“We are continuing our fight against this law, which we believe will jeopardize the safety of residents of Rensselaer County and New York State. We do not believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain the privilege of a state driver’s license,” said McLaughlin.

“The Department of Justice has recognized this law is unconstitutional and we remain hopeful that the courts or federal government will do what is right and intervene. This is a matter of right and wrong for me, and the Green Light Law is not in the best interest of the people we serve,” said Merola.

“Not only is the constitutionality of the law suspect, the state has rushed the implementation so much that adequate training has not been provided to County Clerks and staff who handle DMV transactions. That lack of training presents an additional safety concern,” said Merola.

“We appreciate the many, many residents who are speaking out against the Green Light Law and offering their strong support for our position. We will continue to stand up for our residents and to ensure driver’s licenses are issued safely,” added McLaughlin.