Rensselaer County Completes Record Number of Road Miles in 2020, with 50 Miles Improved Across County, Steve McLaughlin and Legislators Announce

Rensselaer County completed a record-number of road miles in 2020, with 50 miles improved or repaired during a busy and productive construction season, County Executive Steve McLaughlin and members of the County Legislature announced today.

The 50 mile number represents the most miles of roads undertaken in a single year. The projects include improvement of county roads and bridges, and shared service agreements between the county and municipalities during 2020.

Improvement of the county road network has been a priority for McLaughlin and members of the County Legislature. During McLaughlin’s three years as Executive, the county has improved or repaired over 100 miles of roads.

Rensselaer County has 328 miles of county roads. During 2020, the county authorized additional funding to expand the number of miles for improvement from 35 miles to the 50 mile mark, at McLaughlin’s direction and with support from the County Legislature.

“One of the most important services we provide is our network of county roads. Our roads needed attention and we have focused on improving, repairing and maintaining roads,” said McLaughlin.

“During 2020, we stepped up those efforts and paved and patched more roads than ever, and we are very proud of this great accomplishment. Thanks to our team at the county Highway Department, our partners in paving projects and members of the County Legislature who supported this important accomplishment,” added McLaughlin.

“The Legislature is proud to have worked with County Executive McLaughlin to accomplish this notable goal. We have been committed to providing our taxpayers across Rensselaer County the highest level of services we can, and this is an example of that”, Chairman Michael Stammel- Rensselaer.

“Paving county roads has been a priority of the Legislature, and we are thrilled to see the road improvements throughout our county this year”, Vice-Chair Kelly Hoffman- North Greenbush.

“In all of my years on the Legislature, this is the first time ever that we have paved 50 miles of county roads in one season. Thanks to highway superintendent Dave Anthony and his crews for doing an outstanding job”, Majority Leader Ken Herrington- Brunswick.

“The Legislature is pleased to have partnered with County Executive McLaughlin and his staff to provide the support and financing for this monumental accomplishment. Rensselaer County roads look better than ever, and he plan to pave many more roads next year”, said Chair of Finance Robert Loveridge- East Schodack.

The work in 2020 included 27 individual projects to improve county roads. There was also a shared services project in East Greenbush, a shared services project in Berlin, and a shared services project in Rensselaer at the intersection of South Street and State Route 9J.