Media Advisory: Funding from the Rensselaer County Responds program will be provided to veteran organizations at a ceremony, Sunday, Oct. 10 at 12 noon at East Greenbush VFW, Hays Road, with County Executive Steve McLaughlin and Legislators. Members of the media are invited to attend

Rensselaer County Responds utilizes funding from savings achieved during the county’s 2020 fiscal year to support fire, ambulance, veterans and youth organizations. The funding recognizes the difficulty experienced by these community organizations in raising funds during the pandemic and additional expenses incurred during the past 18 months.

Funding was provided to several dozen fire and ambulance organizations during late summer. On Sunday, 14 veteran organizations will receive funding from McLaughlin, members of the County Legislature and other elected officials at the East Greenbush VFW.

“Rensselaer County worked hard to be more efficient during the pandemic and generate a savings. We are proud to share these funds with community organizations who do so much to help our county and provided needed services and assistance,” said McLaughlin.