This is a positive development and I am glad the water resource study is now available for review by the public and other stakeholders. It has been several years since this issue was discovered and a comprehensive resolution is needed.

Now that water resources have been identified, the state needs to follow up with an effective and energetic response to help Hoosick Falls recover.

There are several worthwhile water resources both locally and in the general vicinity. These resources are substantial enough to provide a clean water source that will ensure the health, safety and quality of life for those affected by this issue.

From the start, I have said the Tomhannock Reservoir may be a suitable answer to the issue. The Tomhannock has great resources and extension of water lines from the reservoir would generate revenues for Troy, expand economic development opportunities, and ensure clean water to not only Hoosick Falls but the entire area.

We appreciate the state looking at water resources to provide for Hoosick Falls. We must not forget that a similar study needs to be undertaken for Petersburgh, which is also affected by this issue.

For more information regarding this press release, call County Director of Operations Richard Crist, 518-270-2955 or 518-928-1920.