State of State Does Not Address Priorities or Problems Facing New York, Says McLaughlin

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin offered the following reaction to the State of the State address by Governor Cuomo today, saying he was disappointed the state presentation did not include any discussion of repairing bail reforms or fixing the state’s $6.3 billion deficit.

The State of the State came on the same day McLaughlin gave a State of the County address to the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce. McLaughlin outlined the recent success by the county, including two consecutive, unanimously approved county tax rate decreases, upgrade of the county bond rating, and savings for personnel and purchasing.

The county under McLaughlin has also increased road repair and paving, avoided debt during the past two years, and seen historic job creation and investment.

“Every day the state fails to address the bail reforms is a day that New Yorkers are less safe. The top priority of the state needs to be to fix these reforms and restore common-sense to our courts and communities,” said McLaughlin.

“The headlines in just a matter of days have already been highly troubling and are proof that these reforms are titled far too far in favor criminals and those who want to do harm,” added McLaughlin.

“The state’s $6.3 billion is a major concern for all of us in the counties, because we worry that state financial problems will become disasters on the local level. The state needs to make common-sense decisions and solutions that allow the counties to effectively manage and grow without new mandates and aid reductions.”

“I met with county executives from across the state this week, and there is a concern about how the state can be facing such fiscal trouble while the national economy is surging.”

“The state has lost 1.4 million residents since just 2010, and we need to hear from state leaders as to how they will be addressing an exodus of our friends and family. The State of the State did not include any ideas or even an acknowledgement of this troubling trend.”

“We would also appreciate the state addressing some significant road, bridge and infrastructure issues across the state. State infrastructure is in need of repair, and investment would be of great assistance on the local levels.”

“We are looking forward to having the state deal responsibly with these very important issues and concerns. This is a critical time for our state, and a critical opportunity to address very real concerns about finances, public safety and our future.”