Rensselaer County Again Generates Big Savings for Taxpayers, with $1.25 Million in Reduced Costs for Personnel, Steve McLaughlin and Legislators Announce

Rensselaer County has again generated a significant savings in personnel expenses, with the county saving $1.25 million in 2019, County Executive Steve McLaughlin announced.

McLaughlin credited his team with producing the savings through common-sense efficiencies and practices utilized every day in county government.

“Every day, we are working hard to generate a savings for our taxpayers while maintaining and even expanding important services,” said McLaughlin.

“We are very proud of these results, as they come with a great deal of work, extra effort by employees and department heads, and a commitment to carefully manage every dollar,” added McLaughlin.

The $1.25 million in savings in personnel comes after the county generated a savings of over $1 million for personnel in 2018.

The savings in personnel costs helped the county adopt two consecutive budgets that each reduced the county property tax rate. Both the 2019 and 2020 budgets were approved unanimously by legislators.

The county has also earned upgrades in bond ratings and reviews. The reviews have cited the county’s strong internal controls in areas like personnel and purchasing. The county’s bond rating is now at the highest level in county history. The county has also avoided borrowing during McLaughlin’s first two years.

“We are pleased to continue to work together with County Executive McLaughlin to deliver positive financial news for residents of Rensselaer County. While other counties see spending rise uncontrollably, we are being good stewards of our taxpayer dollars”, said Chairman of the Legislature Michael Stammel.

As County Executive, McLaughlin has expanded oversight of personnel and vacancy issues. He has also expanded the role of the budget office in those areas. At the same time, the county has expanded some health, senior and public information services during McLaughlin’s two years as Executive.

“These personnel savings show that we are able to more with less, by providing important services and delivering positive results, without wasting money and raising taxes. This is very positive news,” said Vice Chair for the Legislature for Finance Robert Loveridge.

In addition, the county plans on paving more miles of roads in 2020 than the county has paved in two decades. The county is also starting work on replacement of the county Fire Training Tower.

“We appreciate the help by our partners in the Legislature and throughout county government in delivering services at a level that can be afforded by our residents and set a foundation for future growth in our county,” said McLaughlin.