Rensselaer County Completes Vaccination Clinic, With 100 Percent of Vaccines Delivered in Three Days, McLaughlin Announces

Rensselaer County successfully completed a three-day vaccination clinic at Hudson Valley Community College on Saturday, County Executive Steve McLaughlin announced. The county was able to provide all the vaccination doses provided by the state in just 72 hours.

The county was provided with 300 vaccines for essential workers and 1200 vaccines for seniors. The vaccines were received by the county early last week, with little prior notice. Despite some challenges with the state system for registrations, including opening up registrations to residents from across the state and numerous subsequent cancellations, the county was able to effectively mobilize a clinic. All 1500 doses were properly delivered by the county.

The 100 percent delivery rate comes at a time when other regions of the state are not seeing high delivery rates. According to some reports, the delivery rate for the region Rensselaer County is in is less than 70 percent.

Vaccinations were provided to seniors over the age of 65 and essential workers, especially law enforcement stationed in the county who had not been vaccinated previously. McLaughlin thanked members of the Health Department led by Public Health Director Mary Fran Wachunas and volunteers with the county’s Medical Reserve Corps for an outstanding effort.

“This is a turning point in Rensselaer County’s battle against COVID-19. We successfully provided 1500 vaccinations, the full allotment, in just three days thanks to hard work and effective planning by our health team,” said McLaughlin.

“We believe this great work will position the county to receive more vaccines because it shows we are able to quickly and properly get vaccines out to residents, especially senior citizens,” added McLaughlin.

“The county understands many, many more want these vaccines. The available spots for the first vaccination clinic went very quickly and we are eager to get more vaccinations to take care of those who were not able to reserve a spot. Our priority is to get all residents who want to be vaccinated an opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as possible,” said McLaughlin.

“The county received many positive comments and thanks from residents on how effective the vaccination clinic was conducted and how easy and comfortable the process was. Our Health Department and MRC did an outstanding job taking care of those at the clinic. We greatly appreciate those comments, and look forward to doing even more in the coming days if given an opportunity,” said McLaughlin.