Rensselaer County Pothole Patrol

How to Report Potholes

If you come across a pothole in a County roadway report it to the Highway Department for repair.

PLEASE NOTE: That County Highway Crews legally can only make repairs on County Roadways, not state or other city, town, or village roadways. These roads are marked with blue pentagon shaped signs with yellow lettering, marked Rensselaer County. The photo below is an example of a County Highway Sign


Ways to report a pothole:

While we use preventive maintenance to avoid severe pothole problems, potholes usually develop in older pavements as water fill cracks in the pavement and expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws. Heavy traffic also causes fatigue in pavement weakened by age and frost action.

We regularly check for surface problems on roadways with older pavement to keep ahead of any problems. If you notice a pothole, please report it right away.

What happens next?

Once a pothole report is submitted and received by our Highway Department one of our road crews will be assigned the work order to make the repair.