The DWI Victims Memorial, the first of its kind in the state, was dedicated September 8, 2000, the day a Troy teen Allison Bodnar would have turned 19. The Memorial is located at the scene were the popular Troy teen was struck by a drunk driver. Each year during crime victims week in April, a memorial dedication ceremony is held to honor those individuals whose names appear on the memorial, and also dedicate any new names to be placed on the memorial.

“We laughed and smiled about our fondest moments. We cried a thousand tears. Your memories and love will live on forever. You will remain in our hearts and our dreams. Let this memorial serve as a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving..”





Allison E. Bodnar

Karen L. Jeske

Christopher G. McAfee

Barbara Dikant

Michael Dikant

Karen Dikant

Kevin E. King

Nick Pablo

Sewdat Poonai

George Strokes

Christopher S. Bascom

Debra J. Coonradt

Kevin H. Davidson

Annette “Netters” Balistreri

Carol G. Nichols

Dominick D. Nichols

Officer Mark W. Goca

Aimee L. Pleasant

Loyal R. Rottler

Bob “Zeke” Zayhowski

Donald Michael Farkouh

Mark R. Heir

Bob Madigan, Jr.

Tony Blaauboer

Mary K. Backus

Ric R. Palmer

Donna Pettibone Rehm

Elizabeth Ann Charnock

Frank Thomas

Andrew T. Brown