Don’t Allow Friends to Drive Drunk!

Rensselaer County and Our Business Partners
Reward Designated Drivers!

Provide a R.I.D.E.


Rensselaer County
     Designated Drivers

R.I.D.E. was designed to increase the number of designated drivers throughout Rensselaer County. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs participating in R.I.D.E. provide FREE non-alcoholic beverages to the acknowledged designated driver in a group of two or more. It’s a way of saying thanks for caring about the safety of your friends and community!

Establishment owners all across the county have been invited to join R.I.D.E. and to play an active role in ensuring the health and safety of their patrons. Please support bars,
restaurants and nightclubs that participate in R.I.D.E., and if your favorite place is not a member, encourage them to adopt the program.

A complete and updated list of participating establishments can be found on our website,

To participate in the program complete the sign up card on the inside of this brochure and return it to the address listed. Once received, a R.I.D.E. card will be mailed to you
immediately. And as stated above, just present this card to the server at your favorite bar, restaurant, or nightclub and begin receiving the benefits as a designated driver.

Will you provide a R.I.D.E.?