• April 5, 2020
  • 2:30 pm
  • Averill Park High School

Nopiates Committee along with the support of Sand Lake Center for the Arts and Averill Park School District are producing the play (In) Dependent. (In)Dependent follows the life of Ryan, who suffered with a substance use disorder and currently in recovery. We follow Ryan as he struggles to maintain his relationships with friends and family, while the sultry temptress, Heroin, sulks in the shadows, clinging to his every weakness. He attends recovery support meetings, and crosses paths with Emily, a person also in recovery, that dynamically impacts his life. Throughout his eventful journey to recovery, he tries his best to settle back into his community. Within the play, we bring a face to the disease of addiction, and prove that anyone can become addicted, and recovery is possible. This is yet another way we reach out to community members to promote awareness, prevention and support. The play is being held at Averill Park High School, and we will be having various recovery, prevention and support agencies tabling before and after showings.