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Rensselaer County requires Medicaid recipients to enroll into one of the HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) contracted by the County. Although some people may be exempted from enrolling due to special circumstances, most families must choose a health plan within 60 days of receiving Medicaid. Rensselaer County offers the following health plans to their Medicaid recipients:

United Health

Enrolling in a Medicaid Managed Care Health Plan

Medicaid recipients only use their Medicaid card for prescriptions, dental and transportation. For all other medical services the Medicaid recipients use the health plan card and choose a participating primary care provider. For more information on Medicaid Managed Care.

Family Health Plus
If an adult’s income is more than the Medicaid income level Family Health Plus may be an option. This insurance program is for adults whose income is just above the Medicaid limits. The County Medicaid department will assist you in applying for Family Health Plus or adults may go to facilitated enrollment sites within the County. Health Capital District Initiative has outreach workers in various locations throughout the County to assist in the application process.

Child Health Plus
If a family’s income is more than the Medicaid income levels, Child Health Plus may be an option for children. This insurance program is for children up to the age of 19 whose income is above the Medicaid limits. To apply for Child Health Plus you must contact the health plans directly.

Apply for Child Health Plus coverage through the New York State of Health Marketplace