Home Care Services

547 River Street, Troy, New York 12180

The Rensselaer County Department of Social Services offers several programs that are designed to assist individuals of all ages with their activities of daily living and other health related services depending on the individual’s medical needs. The programs/ services that are offered by this department are:

Medicaid Funded Home Care Programs Information

Personal Care Aide Program (*less than 120 days)
PCA Program (Level 1-Homemaking) CDPAP (Level 1)

Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program
Care at Home Program
Shared Aide Program (Level 1-Homemaking)
Assisted Living Program
Personal Emergency Response System (Lifeline/PERS)

Call the Home Care Unit for a free assessment of your home care needs.

HOME CARE UNIT (518) 266-7910

To Qualify for Home Care services:

  1. You must be in receipt of Medicaid or eligible for the Medicaid spousal impoverishment provision. For information on Medicaid contact RCDSS Medicaid unit at (518) 266-7991
  2. You must have a medical need for the service certified by your physician
  3. You must be residing in Rensselaer County.

To initiate the process to be assessed for Home Care services:

  1. A referral needs to be called into the RCDSS Home CARE unit at 266-7910
  2. At this time we will ask for all personal data, medical condition/needs, physician’s name, address and phone, emergency contacts, other services you might be receiving and what areas you require assistance.

Once the physician approves this referral, a joint home visit will be conducted by a Home Care Caseworker and a Nurse from a Certified Home Health Agency. At this assessing visit, the parties will determine the scope of the individual ‘s needs and set up services accordingly.

For more information on HOME CARE and all of the programs available to Rensselaer County residents, please contact: (518) 266-7910

For information on Managed Medicaid Long Term Care, please contact:

NY Medicaid Choice 1-888-401-6582 for dual (Medicare & Medicaid)eligible to assist with picking a plan, if they require Community Based Services for over 120 days

*NY Medicaid Choice 1-800-505-5678 for Non Dual Eligible to assist with picking a mainstream managed Medicaid Plan.

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