Who can register as a volunteer?

Anyone who works or lives in Rensselaer County interested in making our community safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to emergencies of all kinds.

Do I need any special skills to volunteer?

No. Both individuals with medical training and non-medical volunteers are needed.

What will I do as a volunteer?

Volunteers can chose roles that match their skills, interests and availability. Roles might include:

  • Assistance with the distribution of medicines & supplies at Point of Dispensing Sites (PODS).
  • Translation services
  • Special Needs Shelter support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Administrative & Support roles.
  • Community safety and preparedness education
  • Assistance with Community Public Health activities
  • Many other important jobs.

What are the time requirements?

There is no set time commitment to be a MRC volunteer. Volunteers serve at their level of interest, time and training.

What kind of training will I receive?

Volunteers receive an initial orientation which includes an overview of MRC roles, responsibilities and assignment, activation & reporting procedures. Additional trainings are offered as classroom and online sessions. You will also receive “just in time” training if your services are ever needed.

I’m ready, how do I get involved?

Interested in registering as a Rensselaer County Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer? Call (518) 270-2633 for a registration form