Ann Hansen
Director of Children with Special Needs
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Troy, NY 12180
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Fax number (518) 270-2973

Child Find Program
Ann Hansen (518) 270-2665  Fax Number (518) 270-2973
Child Find is the primary referral source for the Early Intervention Program for children ages birth to three. Through Child Find, children who are at risk for developmental delay or disability are monitored. The Child Find staff works closely with your child’s primary care provider to monitor your child’s developmental progress. If a potentially qualifying disability or delay is identified, your child will be referred to our Early Intervention Program for evaluation.

Early Intervention Program
Michele Pasinella (518) 270-2654
Upon entering the Early Intervention Program, your child will be evaluated for developmental delay. If your child qualifies, services for your child can be provided in your home free of charge. Services include further evaluation if needed, vision and hearing, speech, physical, and other therapies; child development groups and family counseling. These services are provided free of charge to help your child grow and develop, and to help you care for your child.

New York State Early Intervention Program
Parent to Parent – A Parent’s Guide
Autism Speaks – Early Intervention
Information for Families
Rensselaer County Early Intervention Program Written Policy for Health, Safety & Sanitation

Children with Special Needs / Early Intervention Service Coordinator

3-5 Program (Preschool Special Education Program)
The Preschool Special Education Program works with the school district to provide services to children with special needs, ages 3-5. For information or questions about referrals, please contact your school district’s Office of Special Education.

New York State Preschool Special Education Program
Parent to Parent – A Parent’s Guide
Autism Speaks – Early Intervention

Committee on Preschool Special Education Chairpersons (School Districts) Contact Information

Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program
Anna Moon
Child Services Specialist
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Troy, NY 12180
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Fax Number (518) 270-2973

What is Children with Special Care Needs?

These are children birth to 21 years of age who have or are suspected of having a serious or chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional condition. Also, under this are children who require special health or related services beyond that is required by children generally.

What can a Child Services Specialist do for you?

One can assist families with providing support and resources to access services to improve the quality of life for their Children with Special Health Care Needs and their families.

NYS Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) Program
Autism Society
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Autism Spectrum Disorder
United HealthCare Children’s Foundation
State, Tribal, Local & Territorial Public Health Professionals Gateway
Parent Education Program