Linda McMahon – Acting Director III

Rensselaer County Probation Department: (518) 266-7100
Provide probation related services to all criminal and family courts of Rensselaer County. Prepare pre-sentence and pre-dispositional reports and provides probation supervision for adults and juveniles. Provide coordinated intake and diversion services in conjunction with the Court Diversion Council.

Court Diversion Council : (518) 266-7156
Contact: Philip Gordon, Court Diversion Coordinator
A consolidation of four human service units, from Probation, Mental Health, Social Services and Youth, which provides coordinated assessment services of juveniles and families for Probation Intakes and Diversion programs.

Probation Intake and Diversion : (518) 266-7172
Contact: Christine Miner, Probation Supervisor

Provide a screening process of JD and PINS complaints filed by schools, parents or police. Objectives are to assess and mediate situations to avoid cases from proceeding formally in Family Court. Assessments are provided in coordination with the Court Diversion Council. Diversion Services are an intensive community based supervision intervention for JD and PINS complaints.

Probation Investigations (Adults & Juvenile) : (518) 266-7149
Contact [Adult]: Clare Visk, Probation Supervisor
Contact [Juvenile]: Philip Gordon, Probation Supervisor (518) 266-7156

Pre-Sentence Reports, Pre-Dispositional Reports and Home Study evaluations are completed for Criminal and Family Courts by Probation Officers. Court ordered reports provide information primarily relevant for the purpose of court dispositions and contain legal and social histories.

Probation Supervision [Adult & Juvenile]
Contact [Adult]: Kelly Miazga, Probation Supervisor (518) 266- 7137
Contact [Adult Specialized Supervision]: Kara Wohlleber, Probation Supervisor (518) 266- 7110
Contact [Juvenile]: Philip Gordon, Probation Supervisor (518) 266- 7156

Probation Officers supervise Probationers who are sentenced or placed on Probation by Criminal Courts and Family Court. This function actively monitors the Courts. The objectives of supervision are to provide public protection; prepare Probationers for independent and law-abiding community living. Specialized caseloads are targeted for qualified probationers for intensive supervision programs.

Pretrial Release Program / Day Reporting : (518) 266-7100, Fax : (518) 266-1699
Contact: Lisa Scott, Probation Supervisor
This program seeks to provide universal screening to all defendants in the custody of the Rensselaer County Jail. Program objectives are to provide information to assist courts in making release decisions, reduce unnecessary pretrial detention and to minimize failure to appear in court by defendants.

General Information:
Hours: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Phone: (518) 266-7100
Fax: (518) 266-7127
Location: 547 River Street, 2nd floor, Troy , NY 12180

The Rensselaer County Probation Department recognizes the importance of sustained employment for individuals under community supervision. Employment provides individuals a means to self-sufficiency and the ability to support their families, as well as the capacity to structure their time in positive ways. Probation also understands the needs of area employers and their ability to ask questions of probation officers about work schedules and other work environment related issues. Accordingly, the Rensselaer County Probation Department has designated a single point of contact or Probation Employment Liaison officer to communicate with area employers.

Please feel free to contact Probation officer Susan McAvoy at 518-266-7100 if you are an area employer who has any general questions about probation conditions relating to employment, employment opportunities for individuals on probation, or if you have any other employment related questions or concerns.