James R. Gordon, Director

Keith Harriman, Deputy Director, KHarriman@rensco.com

The Information Services department serves the residents of Rensselaer County through its activities in the following primary functional areas: information processing, data storage, tax mapping services, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Information Services serves County departments and agencies through recommendation, implementation, and integration of technology into their operations, which improves the overall efficiency of the individual departments and the County as an organization

Information Services is responsible for the development, implementation, integration, and maintenance of all County computer operations and information systems applications.  Responsibilities of the department include, but are not limited to: maintenance and support of the County’s Financial Management System (FMS), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Board of Elections Voter Information Management System, Delinquent Tax Financial Management System, Sewer District Billing System, the Highway Department Cost Accounting System, Bureau of Tax Services Real Property System (RPS) network, and the Department of Health Special Needs Preschool Management System; the continued development of the countywide GIS system utilized by individuals and organizations both inside and outside of the County government; and the development, maintenance, and support of applications software essential to the operation of the service programs operated by Rensselaer County.  Information Services is also responsible for the maintenance and support of all County computer network infrastructure, servers, and desktop computers, including both hardware and software.  The department maintains Internet accessibility for County departments, and is responsible for maintenance of the County’s official web site.

The department’s prime objective is to, by taking full advantage of available technology, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of County operations through the development, implementation, integration, operation and maintenance of high quality computer systems. Department objectives also include ensuring that all computer networks, information management systems and their applications, and computer hardware and software function in the most efficient, secure, and safe environment possible.  As always, an objective of Information Services is to configure a stable and secure computing environment for the County, which will accommodate future needs and growth while minimizing acquisition, development and operating costs.

General Information:
Hours: 9am – 5pm
Phone: (518) 270-2690
Fax: (518) 270-2979
Location: Rensselaer County Office Building – 5th Floor