Mark Wojcik – Acting Chief Financial Officer

The Bureau of Finance is responsible for administering the financial affairs of Rensselaer County in accordance with state law and section 6.01 of the County Charter.

The continuing objectives of the Bureau are to improve financial accounting and reporting systems, especially with regard to the financial management system; to provide improved services to other agencies, bureaus and departments of County government; to improve services to the public and to maximize the quality bond rating of the County.

Specific responsibilities of the Bureau of Finance include:

Collection and disbursement of County funds;
Payroll issuance;
Overall maintenance of County financial records and systems;
Developing and issuing the County’s annual financial statements;
Verification of the validity of tax arrears to property assumed by the County;
Collection and regulation of the County Hotel Occupancy Tax;
Oversee aspects of the issuance and payment of county debt;
Oversee the issuance of the independent audit of the County’s financial statements;
Address general financial issues affecting the County;
Conduct sale of delinquent taxes through tax sale certificates.
Property Tax Foreclosures and Auctions
Cash Management, Investments and Banking

General Information:

Phone: (518) 270-2750
Location: Rensselaer County Office Building – 4th Floor
Fax: (518) 270-2728