What if I come to visit an inmate who has just arrived?

In Accordance with New York State Commission of Correction Minimum Standard 7008.4 each new Inmate will be afforded the opportunity to receive an initial secured visit within 24 hours of their arrival at facility. The visit will occur in the secured area of the visitation room during normal visitation hours. Inmates will not be allowed contact visitation until they have been medically cleared and classified. The purpose of the visit is to advise family, friends of the situation, arrange bail, arrange counsel or care of any other pertinent matters. The length of the visit shall be at the sole reasonable discretion of Visitation Control Staff so as to ensure the opportunity be afforded to all new arrivals. The same standards of Identification and registration are required to receive an initial visit. The initial visit is not considered or counted against an inmates allowable two scheduled weekly visits.

Special Notes

  • All visitors will be required to be screened by electronic screening devices prior to entering the visitation area. Additionally a Trained K-9 And Handling Officer will be used for the purpose of control and contraband detection in the visitation area.
  • Their will be no splitting of visits to accommodate additional visitors.
  • Once a visitor leaves the visitation area for any reason (bathroom, phone call etc.), they will not be permitted to re-enter the area.
  • The facility reserves the right to refuse to admit any visitor to the facility who is not properly attired. Refer to item number 18 of the Visitation Rules and Regulation concerning visitor dress code.
  • The facility will only accept valid and verifiable emergency phone calls, such as a medical emergency or death in the family).
  • Do not call the facility to leave personal messages.

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