Youth Infrastructure Grant

YSEF infrastructure funds provides an opportunity to invest in infrastructure improvements that benefit youth physical recreation and athletics. These include but are not limited to improving or developing infrastructure for swimming, such as pools, beaches, and other water fronts, re-sodding fields, improving playgrounds, purchasing sporting equipment, especially adaptive equipment for youth with disabilities, etc. Please note YTS funds can also be used to support infrastructure and equipment purchases, however those expenses must be associated with increasing youth access to team sports.

The parameters that apply to Youth Sports Educational Funding also apply to the infrastructure funds, except where they directly contradict (i.e., that YSEF cannot be used on capital projects but YSEF infrastructure funds are intended to fund “one-time investments in infrastructure for physical activity. Examples include improvements to sport fields or courts, building a storage unit to maintain equipment, the purchase of sporting equipment or uniforms, or similar costs.”)

Not sure what grant to apply for?

A: Consider the following: