Absentee Voting for the Visually Impaired

Please note: this is the webpage for absentee voting for the VISUALLY IMPAIRED ONLY ! If you are requesting an absentee ballot, and are NOT visually impaired, please visit the Absentee Voting page instead.

To apply for an Accessible Absentee Ballot (specifically for Visually Impaired Voters), please select the following link to apply:

Voter Search Screen for Absentee Ballot Request (ny.gov)

You will receive an email once your Accessible Absentee Ballot is available for you to access online with access to the ballot and instructions.

Please note: You will have to print out your ballot.  

Voters using the accessible absentee ballot system in need of printing services in order to print their ballot can access such services at certain public printing resources, including but not limited to, libraries, print stores, shipping stores, and office supply stores.  Voters should contact their local printing resources for details on the printing services offered.   

In-person voting using an accessible Ballot Marking Device (“BMD”) during early voting or on Election Day is still available to voters with a disability who do not want to vote by absentee ballot using the accessible absentee ballot system.

Please contact our office with any questions.