Inmate Visitor Information Guide

Visitation Rules & Regulations

  1. Visitors must be checked in completely 60 minutes prior to their scheduled visit. If the visitor arrives late for a visit they will not be allowed in for that visitation period.
  2. Visitors will be required to be screened by electronic devices prior to and after visitation. Visitors may be required to consent to a pat-down frisk and comply with other staff requests if legitimate suspicion is raised by staff during visitor processing or as a result of other provided information and evidence.
  3. Visitors will place all personal property, (i.e. money, wallets and purses) in the public lockers located in the Visitation Lobby area.
  4. Loud talking, excessive emotionalism or any other type of disruptive behavior will not be allowed in the visitation area.
  5. No photographs will be allowed in the visitation area. Photographs will only be allowed through the mail not passed from visitor to inmate.
  6. No radios, tape recorders or electronic devices will be allowed into the visitation area.
  7. No items will be passed between inmates and visitors.
  8. Visitors and inmates are expected to follow all staff instructions and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with common decency.
  9. Physical embracing (hugging) is only allowed upon greeting and saying good-bye.
  10. Hand holding is permissible during visitation. (no petting will be allowed) No other personal contact will be allowed during the visit.
  11. Inmates and visitors are required to remain seated during visitation. Small children must remain seated and supervised.
  12. Infants and small children must remain seated and not allowed to wander throughout the visitation room.
  13. If you are admitted to a Hospital, visitation dates and times will be the same as the facility visitation. Appointments must be made by inmates using normal visitation request procedures.
  14. In the event an inmate is confined to a Hospital Intensive or Coronary Care Unit the hospitals visitation rules and hours will be observed.
  15. In the event a female inmate is admitted to the Maternity Unit they will be permitted a one hour daily visit during their hospitalization. Only two persons per visitation period will be allowed.
  16. Visits to "Terminally Ill" hospitalized inmates will be conducted according to hospital rules.
  17. Inmates will be required to wear full uniform to visitation. No personal clothing, shower shoes or jail shorts will be worn.
  18. The dress code for all visitors is that they wear the proper clothing. The following items will not be permitted. Short shorts, mini-skirts, tube tops, tank tops, low cut tops, see-through fabrics, hats or headgear, hooded clothing, coats and jackets, swimwear (bikinis, etc).
  19. Visitors under 16 years of age must bring a signed and notarized copy of the facility's Minor Consent Form. They must also be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  20. Visitors between the ages of 16 and 18 must also have a signed and notarized copy of the facilities Minor Consent Form and be accompanied by an adult or a parent/guardian. Written requests for a waiver of this requirement, (example a 17 year old spouse) may be made to the Chief of Corrections. A birth certificate must also be provided for visitors under the age of 18.
  21. Each visitor who arrives at the facility shall be required to enter in a facility visitors log the following information:
    1. His/her name
    2. His/her address
    3. The date
    4. The time of entry
    5. The name of the inmate to be visited
    6. The time of exit

Visitors suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be admitted into visitation