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Public Safety Department


The Rensselaer Public Safety Department coordinates and dispatches emergency services; Police, Fire and EMS, in response to fire, flood and natural disasters. The Public Safety Department provides security for county residents and visitors from crime and terrorism, rendering aid in the event of accident or attack. It Protects both children and adults against abuse. Public Safety also responds to incidents of animal threats and attacks.

Public Safety works closely with other county agencies; including the County Clerk, District Attorney's Office, Highway Department, Public Health Department and Sheriff's Department and cooperates with State and National agencies to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the county's residents and guests.

Public Safety Home Page

Steps to take on avoiding abuse and dangerous situations. Instructions on reporting abuse

Animal Attack
Contact information and procedures for reporting an animal attack

Annual Report
Annual review of the Public Safety Department's services and funding

County Clerk

Community Hotlines
Key contact data for emergency services, family support and safety information

Community Links
Links to other Rensselaer County services and organizations

Consumer Safety
Information on consumer safety, protection and alerts

Drug Abuse Prevention

Information and contact data for Emergency Services

Events Calendar
Calendar of Public Safety events, clinics, information sessions and more

Key information about Public Safety services and support

Fire Safety -
Fire prevention and safety tips to make your family more secure

Data on hazardous material identification, precautions and reporting

Highway Dept
Public Safety

Homeland Security
Security updates and alerts from county, state and national organizations

Online Forms
Information and report forms for Public Safety

Photo Gallery
Images of County Emergencies and Response Teams

Public Health Dept

Safe Driving
Sheriff Department

Volunteer Fire & EMS
Listing of county volunteer Fire and EMS departments and information on volunteering