Rensselaer County Board of Elections
** Totals are for Rensselaer County ONLY **
Note: Results do NOT include absentee and/or affidavit ballots.
11/3/09 11:24 PM
Proposal Number One (Land in St Lawrence County) 119  of  134 Districts Reporting
10672 YES
4532 NO
Proposal Number Two (Prisoners volunteer work) 119  of  134 Districts Reporting
10197 YES
4739 NO
Justice of the Supreme Court, 3rd Judicial District (3) 134  of  134 Districts Reporting
14995 James P. Gilpatric (DEM, IND, CON)
17358 Jill Dunn (REP)
County Court Judge 134  of  134 Districts Reporting
22315 Andrew G. Ceresia (DEM, IND, CON, WOR)
13396 Charles J. Wilcox (REP)
Family Court Judge 134  of  134 Districts Reporting
17530 Beth Walsh (DEM)
16179 Arthur G. Dunn (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
County Clerk 134  of 134 Districts Reporting
23564 Frank J. Merola (REP, IND, CON)
County Executive 134  of 134 Districts Reporting
23020 Kathleen M. Jimino (REP, IND, CON)
County Legislators
District 1 (6) 44 of 44 Districts Reporting
3743 Lou Rosamilia (DEM, RIN) 2672 Bobby Mirch (REP, IND, CON)
3573 Peter J. Ryan, Sr (DEM, RIN) 2973 John A. Mainello (REP, IND, CON)
3522 Mark J. Fleming (DEM, RIN) 2964 Michael Picarillo (REP, IND, CON)
3415 Edward F. Manny (DEM, RIN) 267 Elizabeth R. Bauer (WOR)
3528 Peter D. Grimm (DEM, RIN) 184 Kevin Gervasio (WOR)
3407 Kathleen Ryan Cassidy (DEM, RIN) 147 Frank J. Christian (WOR)
3296 Neil J. Kelleher (REP, IND, CON) 207 Erin E. Hill (WOR)
2544 Catherine B. Vandenburgh (REP, IND, CON) 221 Christian Lambertsen (WOR)
2784 James J. Brearton (REP, IND, CON) 147 Zach J. Wachtel (WOR)
District 2 (4) 24 of 24 Districts Reporting
3871 W. Kevin Harrington (DEM, WOR) 4528 Leon B. Fiacco (REP, IND, CON)
3841 Brian S. Zweig (DEM, WOR) 4193 Philip J. Danaher (REP, IND, CON)
3978 Philip J. Malone (DEM, WOR) 4685 Louis J. Desso (REP, IND, CON)
4087 Keith A. Hammond (DEM, WOR) 4184 Michael P. Cristo, Jr. (REP, IND, CON)
District 3 (3) 23 of 23 Districts Reporting
2519 William W. McGreevy, Jr (DEM, WOR) 3264 Thomas M. Walsh, Sr (REP, IND, CON)
2379 Nancy H. Herrington (DEM, WOR) 3501 Kenneth H. Herrington (REP, IND, CON)
2152 James J. Brearton (DEM, WOR) 3283 Richard H. Salisbury (REP, IND, CON)
District 4 (3) 20 of 20 Districts Reporting
3261 Flora Fasoldt (DEM, WOR) 4092 Alexander A. Shannon (REP, IND, CON)
2646 Norman S. Young (DEM, WOR) 4018 Judith M. Breselor (REP, IND, CON)
2917 Linda L. Underwood (DEM, WOR) 4094 Martin T. Reid (REP, IND, CON)
District 5 (2) 14 of 14 Districts Reporting
1777 Robert M. Melesky (DEM, RIN)
1806 Suzanne Putnam (DEM, RIN)
2368 Stanley J. Brownell (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
2735 Lester E. Goodermote (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
District 6 (1) 9 of 9 Districts Reporting
1103 John M. Mooney (DEM, WOR)
1107 Michael E. Stammel (REP, IND, CON)
City of Troy Races
City Council-at-Large (3) 44  of 44 Districts Reporting
3837 Clement W. Campana (DEM, WOR, TAP) 3086 Henry R. Bauer (REP, IND, CON)
3654 John F. Brown (DEM, WOR, TAP) 2663 Stephen F. Miner (REP, IND, CON)
3526 Michael LoPorto (DEM, WOR, TAP 2777 Keith J. Rogers (REP, IND, CON)
City Council Seats
District 1 8  of 8 Districts Reporting District 4 6  of 6 Districts Reporting
1002 Kevin B. McGrath (DEM, CON, WOR) 379 William S. Dunne (DEM, WOR)
627 James R. Gordon (REP, IND) 149 Nicholas J. Hepler (REP, IND, CON)
District 2 8  of 8 Districts Reporting District 5 8  of 8 Districts Reporting
308 Robert P. Martiniano (DEM, WOR) 1017 Ken Zalewski (DEM, WOR)
537 Mark W. McGrath (REP, IND, CON) District 6 7  of 7 Districts Reporting
District 3 7  of 7 Districts Reporting 744 Gary L. Galuski (DEM, WOR)
394 Richard Hoffmeister (DEM, TAP) 609 Jason T. Schofield (REP, IND, CON)
513 Dean L. Bodnar (REP, IND, CON)
321 Russell Ziemba (WOR, GRE)
Town Races
Berlin 2  of 2 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Tax Collector
405 Robert C. Jaeger (DEM, REP, IND, CON) 464 Pamela A. DeShane (DEM, REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk Superintendent of Highways
295 Anne M. Maxon (DEM) 162 Leonard F. Clapp, Jr. (DEM)
Town Justice 336 James A. Winn (REP, IND, CON)
315 Donald W. Sweet (REP, IND, CON) Assessor (2)
Town Council (2) 282 Nancy L. Sweener (DEM)
127 Joseph M. Sweener (DEM) 249 Patty J. Baretsky (DEM)
148 Christopher A. Baretsky (DEM) 196 Stanley Pettibone, II (REP)
371 Jimmy Saunders (REP, IND, CON) 169 Marie Winn (REP)
272 Richard C. VonSchilgen (REP, IND, CON)
Brunswick 10  of 10 Districts Reporting
Town Council (2) Receiver of Taxes
1331 Katherine Betzinger (DEM, WOR) 2381 Jayne M. Tarbox (REP, IND, CON)
1871 Patrick E. Poleto (REP, IND, CON)
2031 Samuel J. Salvi (REP, IND, CON)
East Greenbush 12  of 12 Districts Reporting
Town Council (2)
2274 Ginny O'Brien (DEM, WOR)
2157 Dean R. Kennedy (DEM, IND, WOR)
2314 Rick Matters (REP, IND, CON)
2087 Ann Taylor (REP, CON)
Grafton 2  of 2 Districts Reporting
Town Council (2) Assessor (2)
227 Sarah B. Longacker (DEM) 335 Julie E. Darling (DEM)
211 Patricia A. Busch (DEM)
406 Michael J. Crandall, Sr (REP, IND, CON)
355 Marie E. Claus (REP, IND, CON)
Hoosick 7  of 7 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
855 Marilyn K. Douglas (DEM, GG) 850 Mark E. Cottrell (DEM, GG)
1098 Keith P. Cipperly (REP, IND, CON, WOR) 906 Kevin O'Malley (DEM, GG)
Town Clerk 1106 Jeffrey J. Wysocki (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
1740 Susan J. Stradinger (DEM, REP, IND, CON) 1073 Louis M. Schmigel (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
Town Justice Superintendent of Highways
1739 Thomas G. Restino, Jr (DEM, REP, IND, CON) 1779 William J. Shiland, Jr (DEM, REP, IND, CON, GG)
Nassau 4  of 4 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
338 Samuel B. Whaley (DEM, NF) 508 Michael I. Roland (DEM, WOR, NF)
894 David F. Fleming, Jr. (REP, IND, CON, WOR) 829 Donald G. Carpentier (REP, IND, CON)
Town Justice 889 Jonathan E. Goebel (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
902 Stephen E. Cooper (REP, IND, CON) Tax Collector
922 Sandra L. Rings (REP, IND, CON)
Superintendent of Highways
953 Frederick D. McCagg (REP, IND, CON)
North Greenbush 8  of 8 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1248 Josephine M. Ashworth (DEM, WOR, GBH) 1528 Richard J. Fennelly (DEM, WOR, GBH)
1221 Mark A. Evers, Sr (REP, IND) 1472 Patricia A. Noel (DEM, WOR, GBH)
1000 Michael J. Miner (CON) 1683 Joseph H. Bott, III (REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk 1815 Kelly C. Hoffman (REP, IND, CON)
1363 Janice Liberty (DEM, WOR, GBH)) Superintendent of Highways
2158 Kathryn A. Connolly (REP, IND, CON) 2378 Mark J. Premo, Sr (DEM, WOR, GBH)
Town Justice (2)
1432 Joshua A. Sabo (DEM, WOR, GBH)
2555 Raymond J. Elliott, III (DEM, IND, CON, WOR, GBH)
1325 Kathryn S. Dell (REP, IND)
1072 Stephanie A. Piel (REP, CON)
Petersburgh 1  of 1 District Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
209 Peter R. Schaaphok (REP) 214 William J. Seel (REP)
Town Clerk 119 Teresa Scicchitano-deWaal (REP)
233 Callie A. Crisp (REP) Tax Collector
Town Justice 274 Emily J. Harrison (REP)
222 Paul C. Montgomery (REP) Superintendent of Highways
239 Raymond A. Harrison, Jr (REP)
Pittstown 6  of 6 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Tax Collector
790 John J. Luskin (REP, IND, CON) 818 Susan M. Craver (REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk Superintendent of Highway
887 Michelle A. Hoag (REP, IND, CON) 830 Robert E. Russell (REP, IND, CON)
Town Council (2)
782 Jason W. Eddy (REP, IND, CON)
760 John D. Colarusso (REP, IND, CON)
Poestenkill 4  of 4 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
552 Mark A. Burton (DEM, WOR, FF) 707 Amanda L. Cropsey (DEM, FF)
739 Dominic J. Jacangelo (REP, IND, CON) 555 Theodore M. Baran, Jr. (DEM, FF)
Town Clerk 728 Robert W. Bayly (REP, IND, CON)
546 Stephanie A. Heffner (DEM, WOR, FF) Superintendent of Highways
874 Susan A. Horton (REP, IND, CON) 1265 Toby Chadwick (DEM, REP, IND, CON, FF)
Town Justice
525 Patrick J. McKenna (DEM, FF)
461 Timothy W. Cronin (REP, IND)
257 John K. Windover (CON)
Sand Lake 6  of 6 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Justice (2)
1290 Burton J. Rounds (DEM, WOR) 1711 Paul G. Toomey (DEM, IND, CON)
1163 Steven Robelotto (REP, IND, CON) 1756 David W. Fryer (DEM, IND, CON)
Town Clerk Town Council (2)
851 Colleen M. Regan (DEM, WOR) 1525 Christine M. Kronau (DEM, WOR)
1620 Barbara A. Biittig (REP, IND, CON) 1040 John M. McEvilly (DEM, WOR)
1092 Kathleen D. Allard (REP, IND, CON)
1106 Paul L. Splain (REP, IND, CON)
Schaghticoke 7  of 7 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1321 Jean M. Carlson (REP, IND, CON) 1240 Gerald R. Moore (REP, IND, CON)
Town Justice 1214 James W. Westhead, Sr (REP, IND, CON)
1303 Bruce M. Arnold (REP, IND, CON) Town Council (unexpired term) (1)
1278 John E. Rustin, Sr. (REP, IND, CON)
Schodack 10 of 10 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1204 Kristin E. Shaw (DEM, ITP) 1502 Elizabeth G. Gable (DEM, ITP)
2044 Dennis E. Dowds (REP, IND, CON, WOR) 1495 Joseph R. Visalli (DEM, ITP)
827 Beth K. Secor (SFP) 2108 Debra J. Young (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
2280 James E. Bult (REP, IND, CON, WOR)
Stephentown 2  of 2 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
491 Lawrence K. Eckhardt (REP) 633 Philip J. Roder, II (DEM, WOR)
Town Clerk 664 Christopher M. Demick (DEM, WOR)
976 Patricia Gallup (DEM, REP) 374 Donald T. Burdick (REP)
Town Justice 387 John M. Meekins (REP)
758 Cyril A. Grant (DEM, WOR) Tax Collector
307 Joseph M. Champion (REP) 998 Ruth M. Rieger (DEM, REP)
Superintendent of Highways
682 Alden W. Goodermote (DEM)
445 Neil E. Gardner (REP)
City of Rensselaer 9  of 9 Districts Reporting
Mayor City Clerk
1269 Daniel J. Dwyer (DEM) 1623 Maureen G. Nardacci (DEM, IND)
885 Edward S. Kosinski (REP, IND, CON) 569 Ashlee E. Giacalone (REP, CON)
President of Common Council City Treasurer
1266 Harry Adalian (DEM) 1154 Susan L. Lupian (DEM)
791 Gloria Fonda  (REP, IND, CON) 903 Claude P. Manna, Jr (REP, IND, CON)
Ward 1 Ward 5
94 Marion L. Webber (DEM) 104 Dominick M. Tagliento, Jr (DEM)
76 Dawn M. Gillan (REP, IND, CON) 44 Bernard Maskell, Jr (REP, IND, CON)
Ward 2 Ward 6
81 James D. VanVorst, Jr (DEM, IND) 157 Brian J. Stall (DEM, REP, IND, CON)
62 Albertine M. Felts (REP, CON) Ward 7
Ward 3 167 James F. Casey, Jr (DEM
123 Philip J. Elacqua (DEM) 96 Frank J. McClellan (REP, IND, CON)
86 William J. Lithgow (REP, IND, CON) Ward 8
Ward 4 209 Richard J. Mooney (DEM, IND)
82 Gretchen A. Euvrard (DEM) 76 K D MacDonald, Jr (REP, CON)
74 David M. Gardner (REP, IND, CON) Ward 9
315 Margaret M. VanDyke (DEM)
273 Dennis R. Walters, Jr (REP, IND, CON)