Rensselaer County Board of Elections
** Totals are for Rensselaer County ONLY **
11/30/05 9:35 AM
Statewide Proposals               134  of 134 Districts Reporting
No. 1 YES 7855 No. 2 YES 13183
  NO 22720       NO 17765            
Countywide Races 134  of  134 Districts Reporting
County Court Judge Justice of the Supreme Court - 3rd Judicial District
18588 Patricia A. DeAngelis (REP, IND, CON) 37744 Edward O. Spain (REP, DEM, IND, CON)
24475 Robert M. Jacon (DEM, WOR) 12490 Paul L. Gruner (REP)
County Clerk 16050 Thomas J. Marcelle (REP, CON)
27277 Frank J. Merola (REP, IND, CON) 22937 John C. Egan, Jr. (DEM, IND, CON)
County Executive 19489 Michael C. Lynch (DEM, IND)
28388   Kathleen M. Jimino (REP, IND, CON)                  
County Legislators
District 1 - City of Troy (6) 44  of 44 Districts Reporting
4364 James J. Brearton (REP, IND, CON) 4183 Peter D. Grimm (DEM, WOR)
4405 Laura Bauer (REP, IND, CON) 4035 Michael E. Rourke (DEM, WOR)
4334 Nancy J. McHugh (REP, IND, CON) 3341 Anne K. Rua (DEM, WOR)
5415 Neil J. Kelleher (REP, IND, CON) 3264 Erin J. Blakeborough (DEM, WOR)
4381 Bobby Mirch (REP, IND, CON) 3585 Russell C. Ziemba (DEM, WOR)
4171 Peter P. Durkee, Sr. (REP, IND, CON) 3300 James J. Grenier (DEM, WOR)
District 2 - EGRN, NGRN, POES (4) 24  of 24 Districts Reporting
4381 Roy Wright (REP, IND, CON) 6067 Ginny O'Brien (DEM, WOR)
4654 Daniel V. Keating (REP, IND, CON) 5744 Keith A. Hammond (DEM, WOR)
4622 Leon B. Fiacco (REP, IND, CON, WOR) 5320 Kevin Harrington (DEM)
4208 Paul J. Santandera (REP, IND, CON) 5259 Brian S. Zweig (DEM, WOR)
District 3 - BRUN, PITT, SCOKE (3) 23  of 23 Districts Reporting
4741 Thomas M. Walsh, Sr. (REP, IND, CON) 2631 Vito F. Grasso (DEM, WOR)
5073 Kenneth H.  Herrington (REP, IND, CON) 2846 James J. Brearton (DEM)
4898 Richard H. Salisbury (REP, IND, CON)
District 4 - NASS, SAND, SCHO (3) 20  of 20 Districts Reporting
4025 Margaret H. VanDeusen (REP, IND, CON) 4668 Martin T. Reid (REP, IND, CON)
4989 Edward R. Swartz, Jr. (REP, IND, CON) 4045 Flora Fasoldt (DEM, WOR)
District 5 - BERL, GRAF, HOOS, PETE, STEP (2) 14  of 14 Districts Reporting
2409 Lester E. Goodermote (REP, IND, CON, WOR) 2393 James E. Monahan, Jr. (DEM, RR)
2689 Stanley J. Brownell (REP, IND, CON, WOR) 1533 Caleb Carr (DEM, RR)
District 6 - City of Rensselaer (1) 9  of 9 Districts Reporting
1346 Michael E. Stammel (REP, IND, CON)
1256 Gregory M. Yonkers (DEM, WOR)
City of Troy Races
City Council-at-Large (3) 44  of 44 Districts Reporting
4497 Henry R. Bauer (REP, IND, CON) 4060 Clement W. Campana (DEM)
3976 Robert E. Armet (REP, IND, CON) 3207 Robert P. Martiniano (DEM)
4389 Marjorie Mahar Dergurahian (REP, IND, CON) 194 Nick G. Lengua (WOR)
3742 Michael LoPorto (DEM, WOR) 211 Robert A. Morine (WOR)
City Council Seats
District 1 8  of 8 Districts Reporting District 4 6  of 6 Districts Reporting
1088 Mark D. Wojcik (REP, IND, CON) 330 William J. Pascarell (REP, IND, CON)
770 Daniel J. Doran (DEM, TA) 507 William S. Dunne (DEM, WOR)
27 Christopher N. Consuello (WOR) District 5 8  of 8 Districts Reporting
District 2 8  of 8 Districts Reporting 995 Robert E. Krogh (REP, IND, CON)
686 Mark W. McGrath (REP, IND, CON) 873 Frank W. Lamiano, Jr. (DEM, WOR)
629 Flora E. Carr (DEM, WOR, TA) District 6 7  of 7 Districts Reporting
District 3 7  of 7 Districts Reporting 919 Carolin M. Collier (REP, IND, CON)
840 Arthur T. Judge (REP, IND, CON) 626 James R. Hockler (DEM, WOR)
917 Peter J. Ryan, Sr. (DEM, WOR)
Town Races
Berlin 2  of 2 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Tax Collector
388 Sandra J. Slattery (REP, IND, CON) 416 Pamela A. DeShane (REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk 141 Tara Cinney-McMartin (DEM)
529 Anne M. Maxon (REP, DEM, IND, CON) Superintendent of Highways
Town Justice 492 James A. Winn (REP, DEM, IND, CON)
512 Walter C. Knightes (REP, DEM, IND, CON) Assessor (2)
Town Council (2) 210 Stan Pettibone (REP, IND, CON)
350 George C. Shuhart (REP, DEM, IND, CON) 321 Patty J. Goodermote-Baretsky (DEM)
399 Jimmy Saunders (REP, IND, CON) 380 Nancy L. Sweener (DEM, IND)
256 Robert L. Jansen, Jr. (DEM)
Brunswick 10  of 10 Districts Reporting
Town Council (2) Assessor
2335 Patrick E. Poleto (REP, IND, CON) 3113 Jayne M. Tarbox (REP, IND, CON)
2160 Samuel J. Salvi (REP, IND, CON) Proposition  (Brunswick Community Library)
1628 Sean R. MacLean (DEM) 1262 YES
2009 Susan H. Haynes (DEM, WOR) 2272 NO
East Greenbush 12  of 12 Districts Reporting
Town Council (2)
1672 Philip T. Gause (REP)
1922 Rick Matters (REP)
3315 Rick McCabe (DEM, IND, CON, WOR)
3054 Dean R. Kennedy (DEM, IND, CON, WOR)
Grafton 2  of 2 Districts Reporting
Town Council (2) Assessor
434 Michael J. Crandall, Sr. (REP, IND, CON) 334 Charles J. Hamill (DEM)
469 Allison P. Kirchner (REP, IND, CON) 329 Joseph A. Bly (DEM)
256 William S. Middleton, Sr. (DEM)
Hoosick 7  of 7 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1180 Marilyn K. Douglas (DEM, GG) 1119 Joseph H. Steller (REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk 1130 Kevin F. O'Malley (DEM, GG)
1817 Susan J. Stradinger (REP, DEM, IND, CON, GG) 1160 Mark E. Cottrell (DEM, GG)
Town Justice Superintendent of Highways
1834 Thomas G. Restino, Jr. (REP, DEM, IND, CON, GG) 1855 William J. Shiland, Jr. (REP, DEM, IND, CON, GG)
Nassau 4  of 4 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
834 Carol L. Sanford (REP, IND, CON) 1252 Donald G. Carpentier (REP, DEM)
985 Raymond J. Seney (DEM) 754 William F. Lobdell (REP, IND, CON)
Town Justice 437 Carole W. Quinn (IND, CON)
1038 Stephen E. Cooper (REP, IND, CON) 951 Michael I. Roland (DEM)
Tax Collector Superintendent of Highways
1180 Victoria C. Metzger (REP, IND, CON) 1169 Scott F. Gallerie (REP, IND, CON)
Proposition  (Nassau Free Library)
611 YES
636 NO
North Greenbush 8  of 8 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1612 Robert B. Ashe (REP, CON) 1805 Joseph F. Styczynski (REP, IND, CON)
2919 Mark A. Evers, Sr. (DEM, IND, WOR) 1876 Louis J. Desso (REP, CON)
Town Clerk 2438 Ernest L. Kern (DEM, WOR)
1342 Janice A. Liberty (REP) 2513 Alan T. Michaels (DEM, IND, WOR)
3162 Kathryn A. Connolly (DEM, IND, CON, WOR) Superintendent of Highways
Town Justice 3376 Mark J. Premo, Sr. (DEM, CON, WOR)
3241 Raymond J. Elliott, III (DEM, IND, CON, WOR)
Petersburgh 1  of 1 District Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
313 James M. Hubbard (REP, IND, CON) 324 William J. Seel (REP, IND, CON)
130 Donald D. Hill, Jr. (DEM) 245 Peter R. Schaaphok (REP)
Town Clerk 268 Amy E. Manchester (DEM)
399 Barbara K. Snyder (REP, IND, CON) Tax Collector
Town Justice 309 Emily J. Harrison (REP)
367 Siegfried J. Krahforst (REP, IND, CON) Superintendent of Highways
383 Earl G. Brock (REP, IND, CON)
Pittstown 6  of 6 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
841 John J. Luskin (REP, DEM) 1058 John A. Malm (REP, IND, CON)
750 Thomas J. Salisbury (IND, CON) 1115 John D. Colarusso (REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk Tax Collector
1285 Michelle A. Hoag (REP, IND, CON) 1091 Susan M. Craver (REP, IND, CON)
Superintendent of Highway
1111 Robert J. Masterson, Sr. (REP, DEM)
431 Mark R. Brenenstuhl (IND, CON)
Poestenkill 4  of 4 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
561 Peggy (Margaret) Schmidt (REP) 734 Robert W. Bayly (REP, IND, CON)
427 Stanley L. Wright (DEM) 817 Donna J. Sager (REP, IND, CON)
453 Thomas F. Slavin, Jr. (IND, CON) 668 Shirley R. Talbot (DEM, RR)
Town Clerk Superintendent of Highways
1171 Vivian H. Kelly (REP, IND, CON) 1282 Toby Chadwick (REP, DEM, IND, CON)
Town Justice Proposition  (Poestenkill Library)
1049 David F. Gebhardt (REP, IND, CON) 619 YES
565 NO
Sand Lake 6  of 6 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1117 Jeanine M. Glasser (REP, CON) 1502 Kathleen D. Allard (REP, IND, CON)
1599 Steven Robelotto (DEM, IND, WOR) 1339 Paul L. Splain (REP, IND, CON)
Town Clerk 1056 William D. Rigney (DEM)
1687 Christine M. Kronau (DEM) 1129 Burton J. Rounds (DEM)
Town Justice (2)
1009 Donna M. Cole-Paul (REP)
831 Mark A. Fluery (REP)
1664 David W. Fryer (DEM, IND, CON)
1572 Paul G. Toomey (DEM, IND, CON)
Schaghticoke 7  of 7 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
1618 Jean M. Carlson (REP, IND, CON) 1219 Gerald R. Moore (REP, IND, CON)
Town Justice 1115 James W. Westhead, Sr. (REP, IND)
1237 Bruce M. Arnold (REP, CON) 905 W. Willis Wiley (DEM, WOR)
992 David M. Treacy (DEM, IND, WOR) 1009 Karen L. Houston (DEM, CON, WOR)
Schodack 10 of 10 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
2588 Beth K. Secor (REP, IND, CON) 2252 Debra J. Young (REP, IND, CON)
Town Council (unexpired term) 2217 Keith M. Zeigler (REP, IND, CON)
2507 Francis H. Curtis (REP, IND, CON) 935 Daniel J. Spilman (GRE)
Stephentown 2  of 2 Districts Reporting
Supervisor Town Council (2)
410 Michael Angley (REP) 298 Craig Chittenden (REP)
Town Clerk 262 Bradford Humphrey (REP)
441 Patricia Gallup (REP) 496 Christopher M. Demick (DEM)
Town Justice 459 Philip J. Roder, II (DEM)
748 Cyril A. Grant (REP, DEM) Tax Collector
503 Ruth Rieger (REP)
Superintendent of Highways
455 Neil E. Gardner (REP)
City of Rensselaer 9  of 9 Districts Reporting
Mayor City Clerk
1261 Mark G. Pratt (REP, IND, CON) 526 Dean R. Myers (REP)
1408 Daniel J. Dwyer (DEM, WOR) 1977 Maureen G. Nardacci (DEM, IND, CON, WOR)
President of Common Council City Treasurer
1035 Louis J. Lourinia (REP, IND, CON) 1045 John F. Hall (REP, IND, CON)
1400 Charles G. Hall (DEM) 1356 Susan L. Lupian (DEM, WOR)
Ward 1 Ward 6
36 Jacquelyn Brickman (REP) 160 Brian J. Stall (REP, IND, CON)
137 Scarlet A. Centra-Palermo (DEM, CON, WOR) 54 Gloria J. Harrison (DEM)
18 Victoria L. Hart (IND) Ward 7
Ward 2 169 Lillian M. Dominski (REP, IND, CON)
140 Albertine M. Felts 138 Janet S. McCauley (DEM)
Ward 3 Ward 8
139 William J. Lithgow (REP, IND, CON) 99 John M. White (REP, IND, CON)
Ward 4 238 Richard J. Mooney (DEM)
75 Margaret A. Zukowski (REP, IND, CON) 27 Deborah A. Girgenti (WOR)
154 Kimberli Remington-Conger (DEM) Ward 9
Ward 5 444 Patricia J. Jackson (DEM, CON, WOR)
166 Dominick M. Tagliento, Jr. (DEM, CON, WOR)