Tax Map PDF Files

In an effort to make access to digital tax maps more user friendly, tax maps are now available in the PDF format.

All the tax maps for a municipality are contained within a single multi sheet PDF file. The exception to this is the City of Troy which is broken up into three multi sheet PDF files due to the large number of map sections.

Tax Map DWF Files

The AutoCad DWF tax maps look just like the paper tax map. The user can zoom-in and out on the tax map, print areas of the tax map or the entire tax map and turn on and off features of interest for a customized tax map.

Note: The user will need a printer or plotter that will print 18″ x 24″ to print the entire 1/2 scale tax map.
The tax map can be printed on smaller pieces of paper but keep in mind that the map will not be to scale.

To view these files, the user will need a copy of AutoDesk Design Review which is free and available for download at the AutoDesk website. Click on the blue Autodesk text to be directed to the Autodesk website.

The following files are quite large. It is recommended that you have a high-speed internet connection to download these files. Right-click on the municipality you would like to download to begin.

* The City of Troy is divided into three DWF files which must be downloaded as a ZIP file. A copy of WinZip is required to extract the data from the ZIP file.