Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a designated driver?
A Designated Driver is someone who consumes no alcohol at all – not even one drink. Never take a ride with the “least drunk” person in your group.

Do I have to be 21 to get free non-alcoholic drinks?
No. A designated driver is anyone who agrees to remain sober, in order to be able to drive others home safely. As long as you are old enough to drive and are old enough to be allowed in the establishment, you can participate in R.I.D.E.

What if an establishment doesn’t give me my drink for free?
Please call our STOP-DWI Coordinator, James Gordon at 270-2900. He greatly appreciates your feedback and will contact the establishment.

Will you pick me up if I can’t drive home?
No, sorry. The R.I.D.E. program cannot pick you up. If you need a safe ride home, please call a friend or call a taxi.

Can I get alcoholic drinks for free?
No – sorry! This program is to reward the designated sober driver. Although you may not feel intoxicated after one or two drinks, we define the designated driver as someone who has consumed no alcohol.

Do I need to be a Rensselaer County resident to be a R.I.D.E. partner?
No, we welcome visitors from across the region to come and responsibly enjoy Rensselaer County and our businesses.

Will you provide a R.I.D.E.?