May 27, 2010. Project initiation meeting with RCBPS, RCBRIS and the Consultant. The purpose of this meeting was held in order to review the final work plan and tasks, scheduling and project milestones and consultant deliverables.

July 12, 2010. Kickoff Meeting with the full Core Planning Group (the County and each participating jurisdiction). One of the purposes of this meeting was to inspire the planning team with the importance of this project and to gain support of the project’s initiation. The purpose and need for the project were discussed, along with a summary of the FEMA requirements for the hazard mitigation planning process and what will be required of each participating jurisdiction over the course of the plan’s development.

October 4, 2010. Risk Assessment Progress Meeting with the full Core Planning Group. At this meeting the Consultant presented an overview of project status, including an overview of hazard identification and profiling information as well as an overview of improved property in the various hazard areas. After the main session of the meeting adjourned, representatives were invited to a working session whereby the Consultant was available to offer guidance and assistance with completion of the requested questionnaires and feedback forms to-date.