In 2011, our county was recovering from flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. As county operations were returning to normal, the Bureau of Public Safety conducted a review of the event to understand what worked well, what didn’t work and what could be improved upon for communicating during future county emergencies. We learned from this experience, and others like the 2012 TCI fire in Ghent, that communication can be challenging during emergencies.

To better understand how communities across the county communicate during emergencies, the County Executive’s Office, Department of Health and the Bureau of Public Safety conducted a project to review how emergency messages are transmitted by different jurisdictions during emergency situations, and how the county can be of service to you when communicating during emergencies. This project, starting in the fall of 2012, included input from all of the cities, towns and villages in Rensselaer County along with over 500 responses of a survey conducted with the public on these topics. These results were completed in January 2013 and compiled in the following documents, entitled Emergency Communications For Jurisdiction Leaders.

Rensselaer County Emergency Communications For Jurisdiction Leaders

Authority of Municipal Chief Executive During an Emergency

Emergencies – A Field Guide for Local Officials