Rensselaer County
Department of Social Services – Provides an array of casework services such as Child Protective, Foster Care, Adoption
and Day Care. Call (518) 283-2000

Adult Protective Service – This unit investigates reports of adult abuse or exploitation. Protective services are provided to adults who are at risk of harm and who have no one else to protect or assist them. Financial management and homemaker are also components of the service. To report individuals in the community who are at risk of harm call – 687-3700.


Children’s Services
Adoption – Home studies are conducted on families expressing an interest in adopting. A child is matched with adoptive parents as closely as possible with respect to ethnic and religious background and the ability of the adoptive parents to meet the child’s needs. Services are provided to both the child to be adopted and the prospective adoptive parents. For more information call 283-2000 ext. 108.

Child Protective Services – Child Protective Caseworkers respond within 24 hours to all reports made to the State Central Register for Abuse and Maltreatment. If the allegations are found to be true, services are provided to the family to begin the healing process and keep the family together. Sometimes it is necessary to remove children from the family when there is imminent risk of serious harm. Cases involving domestic violence, sexual abuse or serious injury to a child are also prosecuted in civil court. To make a report of suspected abuse or neglect call 1-800-342-3720.

Day Care – Day care services are provided in centers or informally through a variety of funding sources. Child care is provided to Public Assistance recipients for employment and/or training leading to employment. Transitional child
care along with Medicaid is offered for one year to Public Assistance recipients whose cases are closed due to employment. Low Income day care is available to working parents who are not eligible for Public Assistance and whose income is less than 160% of the poverty level. Child care is also provided through this funding to teen parents to allow them to finish high school. Low income day care is limited by available funding. Finally, day care is provided to children who are at risk of foster care placement due to abuse or neglect.

Foster Care – Foster care replacement occurs when it is determined that a child is at imminent risk of serious harm due to abuse or neglect by a parent or, when the child has been adjudicated by Family Court , a Juvenile Delinquent or a PINS (Person in need of supervision). A child may be placed in a foster home, group home or institution, depending on the child’s needs. While a child is in thetemporary care and custody of the Commissioner of Social Services, services are provided to rectify the problems and reunite the family. For more information call the Foster Care Unit at 283-2000 ext. 219.

Mandated Preventative Services – are provided to children and parents where there is a risk of foster care placement to prevent further abuse or neglect of a child. Day care is provided as part of the service to protect the child at risk and to allow overwhelmed parents respite. For more information call 283-2000 ext. 205.


New York State
Office of Child and Family Services – has numerous responsibilities including: foster care, adoption and adoption assistance, child protective services, preventive services for children and families, services for pregnant adolescents, childcare and referral programs, and protective programs for vulnerable adults. OCFS is also responsible for the functions performed by the State Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH), and coordinates state government response to the needs of Native Americans on reservations and in communities. Additionally, the agency operates numerous juvenile residential facilities for youth remanded to the agency’s custody and care by the family and criminal courts. OCFS works closely with municipalities such as the local social services districts and county youth bureaus to encourage the provision of adequate youth development services and programs at the local level.


  • Abandoned Infant Protection Act: 1-866-505-SAFE
  • Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-342-3720
  • Day Care Complaint Line: 1-800-732-5207
  • English-Speaking Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-942-6906
  • Spanish-Speaking Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-942-6908
  • For information about children available for adoption and other children’s programs: 1-800-345-KIDS
  • Child Care Professional Retention Program: 1-518-473-1008
  • For general information not covered by these numbers: 1-518-473-7793

Website: Office of Child and Family Services

Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence was created to improve the response of the State and local communities to domestic violence. In fulfilling this role, we:

  • Advise the Governor and the Legislature on statewide domestic violence policy and legislation;
  • Promote and facilitate cooperation among state agencies and between various levels of government in the delivery and/or funding of domestic violence services;
  • Promote cross-systems’ responses to domestic violence; and conduct statewide community outreach and public education.

Website: Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence