Maternal Child Health Program (270-2642)

Public Health Nurses make home visits to provide comprehensive health care services to eligible pregnant women, new parents, infants, and children. Nurses also provide health education on such topics as prenatal care, growth, and development of the children, nutrition, safety, etc.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (270-2642)

Services provided by this program depend on the blood lead level of your child. Please refer to table below.


Blood Lead Level Available Services
Less than 14 mcg/dL* A packet of information will be sent to you.
15-19 mcg/dL Case management, home visits, and environmental assessment.
More than 20 mcg/dL Case management, home visits, and environmental assessment of your home.

*mcg/dl = micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood

How to get your child tested:
At ages 1 and 2, your child should be tested for lead. Lead testing can be done through your child’s doctor. If you do not have insurance, testing is available through the Rensselaer County Health Department.

More information about lead poisoning prevention.