Sexually Transmitted Infection Program (270-2670)
Testing, diagnosis, and treatment of many sexually transmitted infections are available. All services are free, confidential, and available without an appointment. Free Hepatitis B vaccine is also available. More information about sexually transmitted infections.

HIV Program (270-2670)
The Rensselaer County Department of Health tests for HIV infection.  Testing is provided free of charge and is offered at scheduled clinics. For more information about HIV/AIDS.

Tuberculosis Control Program (270-2650)
Screening, health education, outreach to those at risk, and treatment services are available. More information about Tuberculosis.

Lyme Prevention Program (270-2939)
This program provides public education about Lyme disease. More information about Lyme disease.

Rabies Control Program (270-2643)
This program provides treatment for individuals exposed to potentially rabid animals. Vaccination clinics are also provided for pet dogs, cats, and ferrets. More information about Rabies.
2018 Rabies Schedule

Rensselaer County Clinic Schedule